Dick and RMFS have been our trusted insurance agent for our home, auto, and life insurance for over the past 25 years.  He has always been and continues to be responsive and knowledgeable on all of our insurance needs and questions.  Recently Steve Guyer, Dick's son, did some comparison shopping for our insurance coverage.  We were very pleased that we could save some money with a few minor tweaks to our policy but without reducing the limits to our coverage!

We are also very happy to know that RMFS of Ohio is now into its second generation of Guyer's serving their clients, with Chris and Steve now a part of the agency. 


George Dunigan



In late February of 2013, my husband Marty and I, along with our children, were faced with the traumatic experience of a fire in our home.  This fire occurred on a Saturday.  Once the initial shock of seeing our home in flames subsided a bit, I placed a call to my insurance agent Dick Guyer.  Even though it was a Saturday, Dick returned my message within two hours.  He was extremely helpful and informative, and sincerely expressed his concern for our family's safety and well being above anything else. 

Motorists Mutual began working on the claim the following Monday, and Dick continued to contact me on a regular basis to make sure that the claim process was moving according to plan.  My family and I were back in our home within 9 weeks which is remarkable considering we had extensive fire and smoke damage.

I cannot say enough about the excellent service that Dick and Motorists provided us in the time we needed it most.  As I told Dick, "You never know how good your insurance is, until the time comes when you need it!"

I wholeheartedly recommend Dick and his agency RMFS of Ohio, as well as Motorists Mutual.


Shana Holley



Good morning,

I hope this finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to send you this note of confirmation about our positive experiences with your agency.

As Tim nears retirement (I retired from OSU last year), we are looking to reduce our expenses. I recently contacted and spoke with Steve to see if we could decrease our auto and homeowners. He quickly looked into it and sent me quotes, but in the end it was better to stay with SAFECO.

Yesterday I was at the auto dealership.  Yes, I have one of the diesel VWs that requires me to find a different car. I was ready to test drive and realized that my insurance card in my car was not up to date. I called and talked with Chris. He faxed me the updated and I was on my way. Drove a GTI by the way———nice sports car drive!

My point is this:   your service is so wonderful! Rarely, truly rarely, am I ever to get a voicemail. There is most always an answer to my phone call with prompt attention to my questions/issues. It is the reason that we have not gone to another agency in order to save money……because some things you cannot buy.    

Tim and I want to thank you for the services your agency provides, and to give you the kudos you deserve for building and keeping your agency topnotch.


Denise Londergan



As a healthy individual in my mid 20's, I was vastly overpaying for my health insurance through my employer sponsored plan.  I came to Chris to see if he could help, and not only did he get me into a plan with better coverage, he also got me a permanent life insurance policy; all for around half of the monthly premium I was paying for my employer coverage without any life insurance!  He has always been helpful and responds to my questions in a timely manner, and with all of the changes coming with Obamacare 2014, I am glad to have Chris as my agent.

- Doug Warner



In these financially tough times, I thought I might be able to save some money on my auto and renters insurance.  So I called some of the major companies who I hear a commercial from everyday, and it turns out they could lower my price, but what I didn't realize is that they were also lowering my liability coverage significantly.  So I came to Chris for advice, he explained to me what a liability limit covered, and basically the $100 a year that I would be saving is not worth the $200,000 of liability coverage I would be losing.  Chris ending up finding a company that would give me the exact same liability limits, for a couple bucks cheaper a month, and he cut my deductible in half!  I am glad I sought his advice and kept my liability limits where they were, because it turns out that I had an at-fault accident a few months later and if I didn't have those limits I would of had to pay about $35,000 out of my own pocket.

- Molly



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Our Providers

"On behalf of our leadership team, I want to thank you and the members of the RMFS team for your involvement, dedication, and shared passion for service excellence. You have supported us well and that has increased our effectiveness in achieving our mission to improve the health of those we serve."
Leading Healthcare Provider
"Dick and I communicate almost daily. We are both busy, but he never fails to return calls and e-mails whether they come from me or my admin assistant. Dick always returns these calls ASAP but at a minimum, within a 24-hr. period. He even handled a request for me when he was on vacation out of town. I use Dick to provide the insurance policies for my contracting business, my rental properties, my home, and my bonds. Dick has put together these packages using 5 different insurance companies."
Matthew Egner of Egner Construction
"I consistently consult Dick on any question regarding insurance. If he happens to be unavailable, he returns my phone calls in a timely manner and provides clear concise answers. Most recently, he counseled me regarding the handling of a claim which could have voided my insurance coverage. I sure didn’t want to do that. That kind of knowledge and service is exactly why I have my business, home, life, and employee benefits with Dick and RMFS of Ohio."
Brad Rose of Contractors Siding Outlet
"Completion at last. I picked up my car from the dealership. Repairs were completed and covered by the other party’s insurance. I would not have had this quick and successful solution if you had not acted as my intermediary with the other party and their agency. To say that I am grateful cannot really convey my feelings. Thank you again for all your help and forbearance. It is really good to have a local agent."
A Grateful Client
"As a business owner, I must concentrate on bringing in income. Also, I must have confidence in my service providers and vendors. Dick has consistently communicated with me and always in a timely manner taken care of any of my requests. I recommended Dick to my friend and business associate Everitt. Dick has provided him with the same high quality service, I have received. Dick has shown that he is interested in nurturing and sustaining our business relationship."
Mitch Capperes of Buckeye Protection